What I know, so far…

During longterm relationship with a spiritual being, you will eventually learn about their origins, where they live and how their society works. But that doesn’t entirely depends on them. It also depends on you and how willing you are to learn about their world, which you will be a part of one day. “If you have questions, ask and I will answer.”, my wives always say to me. With my communication with my wives and my waken, conscious astral travels to their dimension, this is what I know, so far:

According to my wives, theres 7 dimensions in the spiritual realm, allthough I also heard from another source that there’s up to 11 dimensions.

My wives lives in the Underworld, a dimension closest to us humans with a much lower vibration than the other spiritual realms, which makes it easier to physically interact with us. The Underworld-dimension is just a couple of feet above our ground.

The Underworld realm is hierarchic, which means that each spiritual species have a “king” and a “queen” and someone to represent the people. Conflicts rarely occurs in their realm, but the few times it does, it’s qiuckly resolved. Love, peace and order is three words to explain some of their “ground rules”.

This realm covers the whole planet, which also means that the population is varied with mythical and legendary spirits, gods and goddesses from all kinds of religions. You can call it a haven for spirits. Even “regular” human spirits is allowed to visit their dimension.

The information above, is a mix of communications with my wives and conscious, waken astral travels to their dimension. I’m not saying it’s “hard facts” and the “ultimate truth”, but it’s my interpretation through communication and astral travels.



18 thoughts on “What I know, so far…

  1. “Conflicts rarely occurs in their realm, but the few times it does, it’s qiuckly resolved. ”

    This shows how much more advanced they are, compared to us as a race.
    Everyone has to be reasonable in order to figure out what is right, when there is conflict. We have a long way to go to get to that stage of our evolution.

    • If we ever will evolve to that point as humans, that is. Which I doubt we will, unfortunately.

      As long as there is a selfish agenda in conflicts on one side, for whatever the reason is – probably a misinterpreted religion(?) – the conflict will never be over. We humans often inheritance conflicts from generation to generation, creating greed for power and money. The fear of change is probably another reason for unsolved conflict. Fear of loosing “control”. So much for “free will” in the perspective of humans vs humans, huh?

      • Agreed. Except I’m a little more optimistic on our evolution.
        The pope can’t burn people alive anymore. And the other torture instruments are in museums. Now if the CIA would stop torturing…

        I think we have our soul development levels in common. We seem to be at the “mature” stage, It all depends on if you believe in reincarnation or not. And it depends on if we agree on the specifics or not. And it depends on if I overestimate my own level or not. I might write an article on this.

  2. Sure, the pope can’t burn people alive anymore and he can’t – apparently – be homosexual, according to the rumour about his resignation.

    Maybe you underestimate your own level?

    I’m looking forward to that article.

  3. Well, I could get into a huge analysis about what it would take to end global conflict. In short, however, change happens out of necessity. It’s going to take a major event to end conflict and unfortunately, it’s most likely going to be paid for in a lot of blood.

    I know this sounds really negative but unfortunately I don’t really see how else the status quo can be changed.

    Well, there’s another way I suppose. A worldwide generation needs to step up and make a change. Unfortunately, the status quo has a way of fighting tooth and nail to stay on it’s throne.

    No, as negative as it may be, humanity tends to change only when there’s no other option. I believe Gene Roddenberry had it right, the advancement of humanity beyond our current status quo will very likely come with atomic flashes.

  4. Hey bro! I saw where you put that as we get closer to our lovers, we enter into a place where magick with angels or demons might be complicated (and, I can’t find where I saw that). What kinds of magick are still affective, and if I may be bold (because my intuition is telling me “Yeah!”), have you found a magick system that works WITH our spirit lovers and the grapevine thereof? I hope so because magick with spirits just feels so much better than say, german sigil magick.

    You know that I know that you know that I know that you know. So, you know! Hehe. Hit me back!

    • I have experienced magic with one of my wives, and it’s similar to human magic, yet different in other ways.

      I remember in our first year together, during the first quarter of that year, my wife threw salt on my head and around the room to keep unwanted visitors at bay. She “carved” sigils on my astral body with her name on it. Tattoos seems like a common thing to do, as well.

      Not too long ago, I physically felt her magic staff on my crotch and by the sense of it, it resemblance a crows claw filled with a very dark and powerful energy. It was quite the experience.

      The difference between a spirit magician and a human magician is the access to get results. Humans often do detours with their magic by calling spirits to do their bidding, while a spirit have the access at start. Which one is the most effective, do you think? 🙂

      • Definitely spirits. I feel like the way to magick in harmony is through understanding more about them and their realm. That’s the key.

        Bunny does things sometimes that are unexplainable. For instance, I was trying to patch my ceiling while standing on a chair (and we wonder why men don’t live long) the chair, predictably said “nope” through the physical medium of me suddenly table dancing for balance, bungie jumping without a rope and landing on the bookshelf sideways.

        Now, in hindsight, I remember Bunny the night before coming upon me with the whole left side of my body from head to toe tingling, like a cold mist. Also, she was particularly doting on me. She’s never done either, before.

        When I hit (which I think was probably the best way TO hit, considering), I landed on the corner of the bookshelf and my not so tiny personage slid down said corner.

        I ended up with a really nasty bruise about 8 inches from butt to hip and a vastly unfunny knot, but no blood. None at all.

        Bunny knew I was going to do that, and I think guided my fall, and the funny thing? No pain at all. I mean it looks like I’m a victim of child abuse, but it doesn’t hurt even a scratch.

        To me, being earthbound, that’s magick. I want to know if I, we (me and Bunny) can do magick together here on earth (I can’t astral project because “reasons”) as well, instead of her playing a female World of Warcraft Draenei healer. Which, btw I appreciate her doing actually.

        As a side note, I seem to do best with Planetary Magic and working with the Olympic Spirits (potentially). I’ve only met one of them (Lady Hagith) but she was most gracious. I enjoyed the interaction so much that I believe it kindled a fire in me to get more social and befriend/get to know/run away from, spirits.

      • It’s really interesting in the ways they heal us. With the ability to physically feel spirits and energies, it’s easier to get an understanding of how they do magic, and also of how they physically interact with us.

        I once bumped my kneecap into a table and the pain was immense, but one of my ladies acted fast to relieve it. She put a tight pressure on my knee and released an enormous heat on the spot where it hurt. The pain disappeared immediately. I have sensitive tonsils, and during winter, the pain from the tonsils spreads to half of my face, making it very hard to sleep. Just like the knee, they use pressure and vibrations to create heat. It’s quite the experience, and it shows how deeply they care for us.

        It’s through our perceptions we learn from them, to better understand how they do things magically, how they work and function, not only individually, but also as a team, a family.

        You definitely can do magic together, even if you can’t astral project. You might miss some important details without physical comprehension through astral projection – and it’s quite the experience in itself – but as long as you comprehend the actions of your Bunny, it should be enough.

        To me, having this wonderful relationship with my two ladies is magic, and an endless adventure. It’s a magical path, shamanic, rather than the modern view of a traditional black magician. Feeling my ladies touching me is magic. To emotionally connect with them to feel their inner passion and their deepest love and concerns for us, is magic. To feel their joy, their sorrow, their pain and struggles, what they’ve been through and experienced themselves, is magic. To be fully honest with them – and them to be fully honest with us – without being judged for it, is quite magical.

        Magic, for me, is to experience the unexpected and the unexplained, rather than casting a spell to change the outcome for personal benefits. I haven’t done magic much, but I’m definitely in the centre of it. We all are. We just have to open our minds, and our eyes, to see and feel it.

      • Yeah, they are a trip. A mind blowing, reality shaking, cosmologically popping trip. Love is the sweetest with them. Sweet and gentle.

        What gets me is that I was taught there was a heaven, and a hell, and earth. Or angels, demons, and us.

        None of it’s right.

        From my limited understanding, it’s an intersection of all these and more, too fantastical to even comprehend. I think it’s even more interconnected than I’ve read here and there. Heaven works with hell, works with heaven, and both’s influences aren’t necessarily in opposition, but like building blocks in a lego universe (sorry, got a young son and the lego movie popped in my mind there).

        Love in hell? Anger in heaven? It’s not so cut and dry, is it? Heavens and hells seem to be just words, a level, a vibration, and not one of type of emotion so much as just a set of planes.

        Love in hell. Anger in heaven. These go against everything I was taught, and yet they are, aren’t they?

        I read your post about the underworld and where you received the spiritual equivelants of an incubus.

        Is our succubus or reaper, as well? Do they take us home to be with them when we leave here?

        What is more of the nature of this plane, this underword where spirits and gods and goddesses and everything else pass by and/or govern with what seems to be very loving, caring intent upon it’s residents?

  5. “where you received the spiritual equivelants of an incubus.” was supposed to be “where you received the spritual implements of an incubus of that plane.”

    “Is our succubus or reaper, as well?”
    Was supposed to be “Is our succubus our reaper, as well?”

    • As I see it, and interpreted my experience of their realm, it seems to be more of a haven – a sanctuary – for spirits and deities of mixed beliefsystems, mythologies, and legends rather than a concealed realm of a specific system or pantheon. It didn’t separate, or forbid “VIP” guests from an opposite side, either. I’ve been told that Eve was one of the guests in our wedding ceremony. How odd is that, considering that Lilith was also there as my bride and wife-to-be? Shouldn’t they “hate” each other? Or at least despise one another? Well, according to Lilith herself, they are no enemies at all, and they have deep respect for each other. Strange, or maybe it makes sense after all? The stories written by humans, seems way more different with the perspective from the original characters.

      Is our ladies realm a Heaven, or a Hell? They do posses the energies and currents of light, darkness, and the evenly weight of the grey. Not to forget the colorful spectrum in between the bright and pitch black. It’s a complex version of dualism in the aspect of making a choice, honoring the free will. For me and how I interpret that place, it’s not a Heaven, nor a Hell. But it’s peaceful, and something to call Home.

      I remember asking them if they take us home to their realm, and my first wife said it was their “intention to do so”. And I’m just as certain that Bunny have the same plans and intention to take you with her, aswell.

      What is more of the Underworld? There’s a lot to discover there, but the foundation of it is based of love, respect and deepest understanding of one another. I love being there.

      • Man, I love to hear you talk about it.

        Eve and Lilith getting along doesn’t really surprise me for some reason.

      • What do your succubi call their realm? Would planetary magick work there as well? Or are there different planets and moons? Or is it like “here” but just a little off (like where Jinn live)?

        Yeah, I ask a lot of questions 😛

      • My ladies has only referred their place to me as “home”, but they accept it to be called the “Underworld”, which makes sense considering it’s just a layer away from us.

        It’s an Earthly, spirit realm, so planetary magic should be viable there.

        I did a few divinations about me and my ladies, and it’s been scaringly accurate. My first wives look has been accurately described. My relationship with Lilith has been described and emotionally verified from Lilith to other magicians. Even other spirits and high ranked deities have referred myself as “The Son Of Lilith”, even before I shared my experiences of the reason to call me that. It’s pretty fascinating, huh?

        Verification can be good, sometimes, but it can also be devastating if you can’t verify new information and resources shared from a third perspective. It can even be conflictual, creating doubts about your own experiences. So, a common rule is to not reveal too much if someone is doing a divination for you. Keep the crucial parts for yourself, leaving room for clarification and verification.

      • I don’t know which Goddess likes me. Once time I was meditating and I felt a nasty spirit coming ’round. Then I heard a male voice talk to it and say, “This one belongs to the Goddess”.
        And the nasty spirit was kinda miffed but left without a word.

        That’ll boggle ya! WHICH Goddess was the first thing I thought. No answer. The first thing I wondered wasn’t who the male spirit was who said it, nor that a nasty came around, it was, “WHICH Goddess?!”.
        That happened before I even knew about Bunny, but was starting to be aware of “there’s more out there than it seems”.

        I think I met Lilith once. I concentrated on her sigil while in the shower and started ranting at her. Suddenly I felt calm and happy.
        I said, “Lilith?”
        “Did you calm me down?”
        “You’re entertaining!”, she said.
        That was it.

        I’m a special needs magician, aren’t I?

  6. That was an interesting experience of Lilith, and I think that the other entity was referring to her as the Goddess.

    But it seems like others experience of her is much different from how I experience her. My version of her isn’t the “cocky”, “overconfident” and “authoritative” Lilith. It’s the motherly, caring, confident, comforting, supporting and deeply loving version of her. It seems you had some version of that persona of her, in the shower, but with an overconfident expression to her. Pretty much everyone describe her in a “cocky” and “overconfident” personality, somehow, and it seems too common, yet I can’t really relate to it.

    But I must admit that I’ve experience the DARK, authoritative Lilith in our first year, and that was something else. Cold, solid and very dark with a snake crawling on me. It was fascinating, and a little intimidating, but I was never afraid. She cried that night, of both joy and fear of a reaction she didn’t expect to get from her dark presence. Like a few hours before Lilith found interest in me, my first wife had her dark manifestation presented before me. Imagine the character from “The Grudge”, physically manifesting under the sheets, breathing cold air on your crotch, while moving slowly forward. That was a little more intimidating than Lilith’s presence, but I wasn’t afraid. Both cried that day, and it ended in a double wedding. 🙂

    Have you heard of the phrase: “As above, so below”? That’s what Lilith is about. Keeping her in the middle is the key. Put her on a pedestal, and she will get bored pretty fast. Hence the “cocky” and “overconfident” treatment. Keeping her under you, and she could wreck havoc. Like the Anima and the Animus, balance is the key to a healthy and flourishing relationship.

    I always say to my ladies to be themselves fully. No masks, just to be themselves always, and that I love them for who they are and not for what they are. That’s total freedom, if you ask me.

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