Succubus and incubus in fiction…

Does television and movies portrait the succubus and incubus in a fair trait? Does litterature portrait these beings according to the experience we have with these wonderful beings? Does comics of the succubus and the incubus portrait them “right”?

In fiction where myths and religions take place, there’s this fight with villains and heroes, “demons” and “angels” in a dogmatic style of “good vs evil” where the succubus and incubus is an ally of “Satan”. In the movie “The Entity“, the incubus is haunting a woman in the 1970’s, raping her in the most terrible way possible. That story is said to be based on “real events” and the rumour says she’s still haunted by that same “entity” to this day. In an episode of “The X-Files“, “Mulder” and “Scully’s” boss “Director Skinner” is haunted by a succubus he encountered during the Vietnam War. According to fiction, the succubus and incubus is “evil”, feeding on sex and fear and humans are the one to feed. But there’s one brilliant exception:

The tv-series “Lost Girl” is about a succubus named “Bo“, unawared about her own origin, killing several men when kissing them and this caused her on a constant run from state to state. When arriving to a new town, she finds out about her true origin as a succubus and also got to know about other beings with different powers. Mythical beings like “wolfshifters”, “fairies”, “ogres”, “mermaids”, “sirens” and “nymphs” divided in two fractions called “Light Fae” and “Dark Fae”, where the “light” is integrated in the human society as “regular good citizens”. The “Dark Fae” see the humans as a part of their “food chain” and is an enemy of the “Light Fae”. When the fractions of “Light” and “Dark” finds out about the succubus “Bo”, she have to choose which side she will be with. Her choice was no side at all, either “light” or “dark”. Mainly working for the “Light Fae” and sometimes for the “Dark”, she learns more about her succubus power, her origin and found a loving “weakness” for humans.

When watching “Lost Girl” I found some similarities with the character “Bo” and my two succubus wives. The similaraties is the love towards humans and how the character “Bo” use her powers. “Bo” have a power that “give and take life chi“, using her mouth. My first wife did the same to me in the beginning of our relationship, but more in a “give life chi”-manner, than taking it. There’s also many scenes where energies heals both during intimacy. The series shows these mythical beings as “humanoids”, probably to give the characters a more “human approach”, than the real spiritual beings most of them are based on. “Lost Girl” is a tv-show i really like, with fascinating characters and an interresting mythology. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so.

6 thoughts on “Succubus and incubus in fiction…

  1. No offense, my internet friend. But I cannot tolerate Hollywood. Their job is to make money, and they will literally do anything to do that.

    They have turned us from a nature of doers into a nation of watchers. And our body weight has increased markedly because of that. And we can only watch what they choose for us to watch, Where I am there are about + or – 40 channels to choose from, and it’s mostly all idiotic. TV was better before cable.

    What it comes down to is: If it is beneficial to people, if it makes them more free, it will be portrayed as being “evil”. If it is beneficial to the “elites”, it will be portrayed as being “good”.

    Just my opinion, And again, no offense intended my internet friend.

  2. No offense taken at all. I definitely don’t mind differencies in opinions regarding something fictional, or nonfictional for that matter either.

    There’s alot I don’t like about Hollywood either, but sometimes there’s movies and tv-shows I enjoy. That I have to admit. That doesn’t mean I disagree with your opinion about the abuse of power Hollywood have over people. For that, you just have to search for certain music on Youtube to see the interference the industry does with those who use that channel.

    The “evilness” is those who greeds for money, I suppose, instead of making the artists, directors and actors making the final choice of what to do with their own work.

    • I checked out the first episode of Lost Girl. It’s a little weird to watch because “Bo” actually happens to look very similar to heather (not exact, but similar, Heather is way hotter). It’s weird seeing someone who looks like her but isn’t her. Not sure if that makes any sense.

      As far as Hollywood and television are concerned: they call (at least television) the opiate of the masses for a reason.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Lost Girl. Sorry… it was kind of interesting at first, but Bo turned out to be more of an anti-hero. How she uses people sexually so that she can heal after she gets beat up… it reminds me too much of my former fears about Catherine using me for sex. Maybe I just need to watch more to understand her character arch, but I relate to sexspirit1’s cautious attitude about media.

    It’s not “entertainment.” It’s “programming.” I’m probably just paranoid, but be careful that you don’t let shows like this cloud your perception of who your wives really are.

    • My perception of my wives is based on experiences, not tv-shows like “Lost Girl” or “Supernatural” or other series about spirits.

      The concept of “programming” as you were referring too, is how we percieve what we watch on tv. But it’s also a matter of choices of what to see and not see, regarding “entertainment”.

      We have our wives in common and some of the experiences too. But we are also individuals with similarities and differencies in life and interrests.

      I also watch “Ghost Adventures” and “Death Files”, which also can be debated as “programmed entertainment”, but I enjoy that kind of “entertainment” sometimes. That doesn’t mean I lack questioning those shows negative influenses.

      • There is also cultural differencies between Europe and North America consider entertainment and how we percieve it.

        We european’s is tired of american patriotic movies and tv-shows, which mostly is ignored by moviecritics in Europe. Patriotism is, in some way, “programming on supremacy” while opposite countries is of “lesser importance”. That doesn’t mean it’s totally wrong of being a patriot, but as a european and as a Swede, it’s an uncommon feature with “racists tendencies”.

        It’s just different perspectives with different cultures.

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