If your rituals fails…

I’ve read on several blogs about failing rituals to invoke a succubus and the frustration it creates for these people. In a short amount of time, they try the same ritual again, and again, and again with the same negative result as previous times. When doing that, it’s like building a stack of wishes that will grow higher and higher. When that stack is rising, the doubt will rise aswell. What if your wishes actually got through the first time? And the second, the third and the fourth time? If that actually occured, could you handle the amount of attention?

Lack of patience and lack of faith is a big part of failing rituals. Rituals isn’t even a necessity. It’s a “tool” of preperation, more than something to actually make things “work”.

Power of thought is a great “tool” to work with, rather than rituals, candles, altar, seals/sigils or other ritualistic materials. You are the tool here. Focus within yourself, instead of the props around you. Focus on your succubus, what you wish her personality to be. Make your wish heard out loud, or silently in your mind.

The most important thing to do, is doing what feels right for you. If you feel comfortable with rituals, use rituals. If you don’t consider rituals as an option, try something else. Don’t bind yourself on “rules” because the “rules” you probably read about, is a creation of expectations. When you expect something that much, the dissapointment grows a stack higher if it didn’t work. Never give up, though. Have patience. Have faith.

2 thoughts on “If your rituals fails…

  1. Yes.

    But we’re fighting against Hollywood here. A ritual is doomed to fail if it is not complex enough, and have enough flashes of light and puffs of smoke. Of course all words must be in Latin. And the scroll they read from must be ancient virgin calfskin parchment with albino ravens blood ink.

    My personal belief is that their rituals dont work because they just dont understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Why would a spirit respond to them?

    If they succeed, it is in spite of their efforts and not because of their efforts.

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