Let’s talk about the Incubus, shall we?

I know i few things about the male counterpart of succubus, which is incubus. Their purpose is just the same as the succubus: Love and sex. But there is also some differencies in their behavior. As a spiritual male, they’re pretty much dominant in nature and sometimes overprotective towards the human female. An archetype of masculinity, sort of.

The mythological aspect of a succubus and an incubus is that they are shifters of gender, which is not true. The male and female gender is seperated from eachother and their task is just the same when it comes to humans: Love, affection, sex.

tumblr_lt2kdaR5p21qexu26o1_500How do I know about incubus? I’ve experienced one in the beginning of my relationship with my wives and he was a little pushy and dominant. He wanted to test me, watch me and participate with my wives. This was before our wedding and a part of the bondingperiod, as I recall it. Right after our first wedding, he left us and never came back. According to my first wife, he was a familymember of hers and he wanted to make sure I was the right man for her.

An incubus is powerfull on their own, just like a succubus. Of course, not all incubus is dominant in nature, but my first wife’s familymember was. I’ve read about incubus that is very careful and shy towards the human female, and other stories of a pushy, rough and dominant personality. But they’re as good listeners as the succubus and will never push it too far. If that ever happens, there’s probably not an incubus.

If anyone seen the movie “The Entity“, which supposed to be about a violent incubus haunting a woman in the 70’s. I can tell you, right now, that entity is not an incubus. It’s not just religion that gives succubus and incubus a bad reputation, it’s in the movies too(based on negative, religious beliefs, of course). Allthough “The Entity” is said to be based on true events, which I will not doubt at all, but it’s behavior is not a “trademark” of an incubus. That was something else.

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the Incubus, shall we?

    • Agreed. Watch for it tough, my lover said they can change their form. Which means, if you please to see him wearing a pair of horns, feel free to ask him for it. Who knows, maybe he would agree 😀

  1. There is some beautiful art of incubus, just like there is beautiful art of succubus. I just chose that picture. Some incubus does have horns, just like some succubus. Not all have horns though and I don’t yet know why some have and some don’t.

  2. The energy I feel is and always was strictly feminine.
    It is interesting how the focus seems to be on succubi, There are women out there that report these experiences too, I guess men talk about it more than women do?

    Religions are a curse. There is “The Entity”, that puts these things in a false light. At least that’s the impression I get. I haven’t seen it but I do have it on my hard drive. I just need to find time to watch it. It could also be a hoax like the “amityville horror” was a hoax.

    There was also “The Exorcist” that did the same thing. It’s all based on fear. When people are fearful they are easy to control. Human nature is both a great strength and a great weakness.

    • It seems like us men is talking more about our experiences, than women does. How come?

      Succubi and incubi is actually older than the Christianity and any myths and legends of the old, got “demonised”. It’s like some abrahamic fellow said: “There’s no evil in my religion, so I take this god and that god, make some new name to them and call them ‘evil’. I will call that book ‘The Testament’!”
      I found an interresting documentary about “The Devil”. Take a look at it. It makes some sense to the myths about “Satan”. Even the priests is logical in the interviews!

      Either “The Entity” is a hoax, or simple something else than a “demonic incubus”. Some say that “demonic possessions” isn’t possible, because of the free will of humans and spiritual beings. I like horror movies, though, and the latest great horror/ghost movie is “The Woman In Black”. I liked the movie. My ladies liked the movie too. If a succubus like certian horror movies, it’s worth consider a look. 😉

      • “Satan is the good guy that’s challenging the boss” .
        Not really. Unless the boss is the religious culture of the time and is its adversary.
        This was a surprisingly balanced documentary. Programs like this are still rare in the US. Too many xtians would watch this and dismiss it all without even thinking about it.

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