“Can a succubus get pregnant?” YES, but not in the matter of myths…

Those of us that made our reading about the mythologies of succubus, incubus and pregnancies, knows how that story goes. Succubus have sex with a human male, she collects his semen, she gives the semen to an incubus and the incubus impregnate a human woman with the semen that the succubus collected. These “offsprings” is called a Cambion. Sounds a little complicated, don’t you think?

A succubus can get pregnant, though. But not in the way mythology explains it. Succubus have a period av impregnation, meaning she’s ready to bear children. These periods makes the intimacy, sex, differently than normal. The sex is more intense and during impregnated sex, they use some kind of “patches” connected to a string or a cord. These “patches” is attached to your testicles and the string, or cord, is connected to your succubus. For me, it makes perfectly sense, because when having sex, the human male doesn’t get “wet orgasms”.

Why do I write about this? Because my first wife actually got pregnant and she gave birth to a spiritual baby. The pregnancy last as long as a human pregnancy, 9 months. Everyday she let me hold our baby. And the feeling of the baby’s presence is overwhelming, feeling the grip of it’s small hands on my cloths, it’s body moving and cuddling up against me. I won’t say the baby’s sex, because that is a thing I will keep for me and my wives.


9 thoughts on ““Can a succubus get pregnant?” YES, but not in the matter of myths…

  1. That is so beautiful. Congratulations! I’m really looking forward to the day when I can write a similar entry.

    And thanks so much for sharing the intimate details about how it all worked for you. That is very fascinating.

  2. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing that. How wonderful. Like TC, I hope to very much one day write a similar post. I couldn’t possibly think of a greater honor than being able to have a full family with my wives. I’ve already told them that if it’s something they want, consider me signed up.

  3. I’ve always consider my wives a family and since the baby came, we’ve just expanded our family with one more member.

    With my latest post, I wanted to give confirmation about the myths of succubus and pregnancies and a part of that myth is very true. But the majority of “how”, in that myth, is not true. The mythological process is too complicated to fulfill in practise.

    What I’ve wrote is what happened when my first wife got pregnant and I sincerely hope you will get that same experiences with your wives, as I did.

  4. I just want to mention I’m newbie to blogs and truly loved this web blog. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You actually have exceptional stories. Thank you for revealing your webpage.

  5. Well, that explains a bit. Now I know why the sex was so intense in the summer and has changed in it’s method and type. I mean I was having dry orgasms that would double me over. Thanks for the article, I’ve been wracking my brain as to the differences.

  6. Hello,

    I live in El Paso Texas and I’ve found and got an Succubus. There is no way that I will let her go not now not ever. The intensity of orgasm during the sexual inter course is life sucking. I can only imagine it remembering it to describe it as a high rush from a drug like heroin but I don’t use drugs. I’ve recorded several audios during our sex. In them bizzare and strange EVP’s that are non human are heard. The string with patch described by the writer of this blog is what got my attention. Now I know without doubt she has/is a Succubus. After our sex she tells me that she feels as if a string were in her pulling.

  7. Do you currently find that you are able to hold a relationship with an earthly female, or is this something that has pretty much filled that desire or need?

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