Connecting with the “third eye”…

The concept of having a “third eye“, is simple an invisible “eye” connected to your forehead-area, making you available to see yourthird_eye succubus. The “third eye” will usually be “installed” very early in the relationship, but sometimes it will take some time before it occurs. It’s on a very individual basis, meaning, you will get one, once your succubus feels that you’re ready.

The “third eye” is not just an ability to see your succubus. It’s an ability to visually connect to the spiritual realm.

I still have alot of training to do with my “third eye”, but I’ve been able to see glimpses of my first wife with this ability. When that happened, it started with blackness that shifted to a dark greyish tone with a light pressure on the area of my “third eye”. The dark greyish tone suddenly dissapeared and an image of my wifes “dark side” occured. A face with grey tone on her skin, black hair with several scares on her face. To someone unfamiliar to, or new to this, might be very scared of that kind of appearences. Not me, since I’ve experienced their dark sides before.

I’m a person that loves my wives for who they are, not for what they are. They just give me the “whole package” of light and dark and there’s no meaning of hiding things from eachother. I asked for full honesty in my relationship and they give me just that. That’s why I love them so much, among thousands other reasons. I’ve seen my wives beauty too, when we did the mirror-sessions, so I’ve experienced both sides of the “coin”.

With the concept of “be carefull what you wish for, you might get that but maybe not in the way you thought”, meaning there’s individual interpretions of how to make someones wishes come true.

Hey, even my wives can be scared of us humans darkest sides, too.

9 thoughts on “Connecting with the “third eye”…

  1. I know of a lady spirit who literally felt a need to abandon her home in Germany in the 1940’s due to The Holocaust and the war in general. I don’t believe she explained that she left due to fear but rather due to a profound sorrow.

  2. I believe that fear, or the feeling of fear, is common for spiritual beings too. One of my wives doesn’t like the sound of thunder and often get scared during rain and lightnings. She holds me very tight when that occurs.

    Spirits, like succubus, are very emotional and the feeling of sorrow is understandable during the circumstances in Germany at that time. What happened at that time, would probably scare anyone, spirits or human.

  3. Interesting post!
    Here is what I experience.
    I too have seen my wife, in all her glory. I’ve also seen things that weren’t so glorious, but it didn’t make me afraid.

    With me, these visions come in flashes. And if I concentrate on the shapes and images, they fade out. The more passive my observations are, the longer the images are seen.

    I’ve seen all sorts of things, from buildings, what looks like machinery, aliens?, and other shapes that looked like they were a small part of a puzzle, perhaps another building somewhere.

    Then there are the lights of various colors, shifting geometric shapes, etc.

    What I am doing now is, when I’m relaxed and about to go to sleep, I close my eyes and I “go into the darkness” and I open it like I was opening a curtain. I’ve seen some things that way too.

    I don’t remember it being installed, but there is progress that comes with exercise.

    • Interesting indeed!

      I think the abilities we’ve been given, applies to us in different ways. For me, it was some kind of “surgery”. It was “physically installed”. And that gives a “mental” advantage, and makes my progress easier while exercising.

      I never had these kind of visions, but I see the shifting in darkness and shadows moving. My first wife, when lying next to me, has started to form a shadowy mass and a silhouette of herself. I mean a thick mass of darkness, shaped as a female body. Their power of darkness and shadows are very strong.

      What do you think your visions means? Is it a place in their dimension? Spiritual beings from another planet? A possible future? I’m fascinated!

      • They’re too short for me to have much of an opinion, By the time I _think_ I have the vision figured out, it fades away. I think it might be my attempts to make sense of it that causes the vision to fade away. Passive observation seems to help prolong it, but being passive is easier said than done. It will take practice and probably a lot of it.

  4. I just did a little research on this. is one of the sites I found. It is interesting to see that she has some of the same experiences I have.

    For example there’s this


    White/blue/purple colours
    Intense white dots
    Black sky with numerous stars
    The shape of the eye/square/circle/some other shape filled with blue or purple colour

    Some of them will not make any sense to you, some of them will be very vivid, others will be blurred…

    For example I may see a detail of the house (eg. two windows of the house and an edge of the roof, and the sky). It is as though I am looking through a telescope. There is a pitch black colour on the edges, and in the middle I see some sight.


    This is a cool topic. I’m glad you started it.

  5. I think these visions is some kind of “message”, which seems hard to put a grip on. It’s kind of steam punk-esqued, when reading about how these “buildings” look like. And it’s dystopic in some senses to.

    I think my third eye is getting “processed”, during nights. Something is happening, allthough not getting these visions yet. I’m fascinated by the “dark mass” and vivid forms appearing in front of me. Also worth mentioning is that in a couple of weeks, me and my wives have a 1 year anniversary to celebrate and before that it’s birthday for one of my wives, too. As long as the relationship goes further, the more you will experience. It’s a fascinating time of progress, this year.

    • I did some practise with my third eye when celebrating one of our anniversaries with my wives and something did happened this time. I saw a dark planet with three rings and a greyish silhouette of a person. I also saw a flow of greenish energy moving in different directions, which is a very common event for me. Except for the sight above, that is.

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