The occult is fascinating, but…

I’ve always been fascinated by mysticism, legends, myths and spiritualism and more so, since I’ve been together with my wives. But there’s one thing to show interest to these subjects – like reading about it – and another to investigate it further and make a practise out of it. These are my reasons to why I won’t investigate deeper than reading on the subject of the occult:

1: I will never put my wives in harms way, even if they’re very strong and powerful on their own. I care for them, just as much as they care for me.

2: I will never try to invoke another spiritual being again, despite the knowledge they have about other dimensions. But if my wives wan’t me to aquaint with their friends, I’ll gladly participate. My reason for not invoking, is for their safety aswell as mine. Why take risks with something you’re pretty unfamiliar with, and at the same time are in a longterm bondingprocess with your wives? That can be too much to handle. Allthough I’m pretty sure my wives will do their best to protect me – if anything occurs – there’s no reason to make their “job” harder than it needs to be.

I’m not trying to say what others “should” do, when in a spiritual relationship. I’m just saying what I won’t do. When it comes to love, the responsibility works both ways. I wan’t my wives to feel safe with me, aswell as they wan’t me to feel safe with them. Simple as that.

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