The importance of paying attention

It’s not easy to comprehend in the beginning of a spiritual relationship, because there’s alot going on. The succubus tries to expand your ability to communicate with her and that takes a share amount of time and energy.

Why is “paying attention” important in a relationship with a succubus? Why is “paying attention” important at all? It’s a part of a learning process. You will learn about yourself aswell as about your succubus.

As I read about others experiences aswell as describing my own experiences to them, in here and in other places, sometimes my experience “makes sense” and they recall some similarities in that. That means that they, actually, payed attention to what happened, but maybe forget to put that in perspective.

That’s why, I think, it’s good to share these wonderful experiences we have with our beloved succubus wives. To give perspectives. To understand. To remember certain things we didn’t noticed before someone else brought that up. To see the similarities and the differencies in our relationships.

Did you pay attention in the beginning of your relationship with your spiritual wife? Or did you pay attention as the relationship progressed further?

By paying attention to our loved ones, we will develop together.

4 thoughts on “The importance of paying attention

  1. I wanted to add, sorry for the double post, that my goal in life is to live on a deserted island with my wives. Just the three of us and enough food and water to keep me alive. That would be paradise.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your comment on my new theme. I liked the picture, which gives an idea how I see my wives. Even though my wives won’t agree about them being “angels”, but they won’t disagree about being called angels by me, neither. It’s the meaning of the word they like and find it a compliment of love.

    No need to apology for doubleposting. You are free to write as much as you like on my blog. Sounds like a wonderful goal for you, Heather and Aurora..

  3. I agree, my wives want to make it clear they aren’t angels as well but they do like that I call them angels as opposed to what the mainstream ideology refers to them as. I make sure of noting that I use the term angel as a way to associate the feelings I have towards them: I believe they’re peace and love given form and intention and angels are often considered to be the embodiment of peace and love.

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