The differencies in energies

A spiritual being distinguish eachother with the energy they’re using. It’s like an energetic “fingerprint” in the spiritual realm. I talked about my wives three energetic stages earlier, “neutral”, “dark” and “divine”. The energy of “neutral” is harder to recognice from eachother, but there is differencies when you get used to the constant energies from both of your wives. The differencies can be varied, like the “thickness” of their bodies, how their bodies act next to you, and the compactness of their bodies.

The “dark” energies is easier to separate from one another, since there’s often a bodysignature to that energy. For instance, my first wife is like a Grudge-character in her dark form, while my second wife is using tentacles and snakes as a characterization of her darker side.

The “divine” energies is also very characteristic and have a bodysignature with it aswell. Their hair feels different to eachother and even their bodies. The “vibration” works differently from one another, too.

If you have more than one spiritual wife, you eventually learn their individual energypatterns. As always, pay attention to their energies and behavior. That way you learn who’s touching you.

2 thoughts on “The differencies in energies

  1. One thing I notice is that it seems more have 2 (or more?) spirits? This seems to me to be a recent phenomena.
    As far as I can tell, there is only one with me. Not that I’m complaining though. I’m just stating a fact.

  2. I’ve seen that pattern too, and I know atleast three bloggers to have two wives and with me it’s four. How come that so many have two wives? For me, it’s amazing and fantastic to have two wives and I’m lucky and happy for that.

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