Recieving spiritual tattoos

Since I’ve got tattoos on my human body, I know for sure how it feels when getting that from a tattoo-artist. And tattoos certianly exists in their dimension too. I’ve got several tattoos from my wives and I even got atleast one tattoo from one of their leaders. I call him “Cernunnos“, a keltic god who is also known as “The Horned God”. He has many names. Someone might call him “Satan” or maybe “Lucifer” or even something else, but for me it’s “Cernunnos”. That name fits the purpose of my beliefs and even my wives confirmed his presence. My first wife call him “Satan”, but as one of his many names. “Pan” is another name for him, too. Depending on your religious view, he fits in most of them with many names.

Symbolism is important in their culture, aswell as ours. And tattos is one expression of symbolism. I’ve got a tattoo on my forehead, which is the sigill of “Cernunnos“. I’ve got a tattoo on my neck, which is also a sigill, but a sigill of my second wife. The third sigill is on the top of my head, which is the sigill of my first wife. Their names are also inked on my body. My wives have tattos of my name, inked on their bodies aswell, even on their most private areas. I have that too, of course.

The spiritual tattoos, when getting that, feels exactly like getting tattoos on your physical body. You feel the needle going through your skin and it “burns” just as much as you were sitting on a proffessional studio. Since I’ve got physical referense of tattoos, I figured out quickly what was going on.

Tattoos can symbolise love, protection and magic. It’s an awesome feature for a spiritual being, like my two beloved wives.

4 thoughts on “Recieving spiritual tattoos

  1. These tattoos, in difference from a physical tattoo, have an actual purpose. It’s fused with magic and works as a protection, but it’s also a form av art, but not as a main purpose. If you ever feel a “burning sensation” and also sense that the someone is “drawing” that in lines, than the chance is you actually getting inked.

  2. According to my wives I live in an extremely inactive spiritual area. It’s a fairly new housing development so there isn’t a lot of history. I suppose that’s as good a reason as any for not need a tremendous amount of protection from the spiritual world.

    Like I said, if I ever got my soul inked it would be to please my wives. Anything they want for me I will do for them.

  3. There’s many ways of protection and specific tattoo’s is just one of them. They use salt, when needed – to protect from hostile spirits, or to keep away curious spirits – and they also use their own scents, like a “territory”-marking, saying: “This man is unavailable!”.Their scents is sometimes mistaken for “watersprays”, when it’s actually a fluid from their own private areas. The oil they use, have many meanings. Sexual lubrication is one of them, and it’s used on ceremonies aswell.

    Protection is always a necessity, because there’s spirits everywere. As soon as you walk out of your area of the new housing development, you’re out of the safezone, but i’m certain Heather and Aurora is aware of that. These wonderful beings that are our wives, opened an ability to not just feel and sense them. We can also sense other spiritual beings, if we choose to widen our senses to do that. I widened my senses to let my spiritual guide in and she’s always nearby. The guide have an energy that is different from my wives energy. Speaking of energies. That will be the next subject in my blog.

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