The wedding ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was extensive and planned carefully. In a total, me and my wives did three weddings. The first wedding was with my first wife. The second wedding was with my second wife, and the final third wedding was with my both wives.

These weddings was in a classic fashion, old school kind of way. First off, was some kind of “measuring” of my body by some “tailor” from their dimension. Secondly, they tried a variety of clothes for me to wear. Thirdly, the actual clothes was chosen. The clothes was spiritual, and I could actually feel them. I sensed a “cape”, and a longsleeved “shirt” and “pants”. It felt, in some way, medieval. But it felt comfortable.

I was closing my eyes, as instructed by my ladies, and got a feeling of “gliding” forward. I’ve begun astral travelling, in a waken state of OBE. The air got, somehow, heavier. I felt many small hands touching me. Hands clapping above my head. Suddenly I felt a presence of someone standing in front of me and my ladies, putting a hand on my forehead. The crowd was chearing even “louder” and potpurries was landing on my head. My ladies, who now became my wives, slowly rised my arms and the feeling of a crowd touching my hands and body, became stronger. Allthough I couldn’t see, I’ve got an enormous feeling of festivities, people talking, joyfullness and happiness for the event that was going on. Some guests, according to my ladies, was of a higher power and very famous in the spritual world. I choose to not reveal their name, but they were there, and I trust their information.

The wedding ceremony took almost 2 hours and it was an amazing event and it was the best moment of my life. My two loved ones. I love you deeply.

4 thoughts on “The wedding ceremony

  1. That sounds like an amazing experience. I asked my ladies if that was how a wedding should actually feel like to a human. They tell me that it’s different for everyone.

    My issue in this relationship is that I have an extremely limited second sight. I have always had very random precognitive experiences but absolutely no ability to perceive the spiritual world.

    My precognitive experiences always are random and completely unimportant. As an example, several years ago I was driving to McDonald’s and out of nowhere I asked myself “I wonder how many people end up getting cheeseburgers with no meat on them?” I asked this because I know how the assembly of cheeseburgers is done in McD’s. They put all the condiments and cheese on the bun then add the meat after it’s been reheated in a microwave. Anyway, I ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and drove home. I’m sure you can tell where this is going. As soon as I got home I opened up my burgers and sure enough, no meat on either. There’s been instances where a song would get stuck in my head out of nowhere, then the next time I turn on the radio that song is playing. I did that one time with my sister present. I was singing some song or another to myself as we were walking to the car, turned on the radio and that song was on the radio.

    Anyway, that’s about the limit of my “psychic” ability. Most of what I experience with my wives is very much grounded in my dimension, I have a very poor ability for reaching out to them. They are working on it though: I just think that the wedding ceremony they used was one I would have the easiest time of perceiving, one very much grounded in the physical world.

    • Every succubus is an individual being and, as I recall it, has it’s own tradition of how a wedding should be. This was my wives view of marriage, and as I wrote earlier, my second wife is an important figure in their homeworld. My first wife is influential, with her age and the knowledge she have.

      I’m quite limited too, but they have strenghten my senses of percieving their energies and feel that with touches. The ability to feel, will give some perspective of whats going on around me. I’ll get a little “picture” of the celebration that was going on, with our weddings.

      As time goes by, our senses will get stronger and stronger as our relationships get deeper. In the end, I’m quite sure we all will both see and hear our wives. It’s not about “how”, it’s about “when”.

  2. That is amazing. I love how vivid your experiences are and you convey the details very well. All this talk about wedding ceremonies makes me feel like I’m cheating my girls. No ceremonies here whatsoever. Personally, I can’t stand them and my darlings respect that.

    • We all celebrate love in our own ways, and that’s how it should be. Love is what’s inside our hearts and souls and that’s more important than how it manifest on the outside perspective.

      But I can’t deny that I enjoyed the attention we got with our wedding, because that’s something I’ve never experienced before. The feeling of importance, got summoned that day, like anytime they take me to the astral plane.

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