Tears of a succubus…

When I communicate with my beloved wives, I do that in a silent matter, sharing my inner thoughts with them. And they’re answer, for sure. Quite often, I hold long speeches, telling them how much I love them, how important they’ve become to me and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

I remember the first time I did the long speech and suddenly, tears was falling down on my shoulder. I wasn’t prepared for that kind of reaction, so I asked: “Are you crying, honey?” Her answer was, “Yes.”. I asked: “Why? Are you sad?” Her answer, to that question: “No, your speech moved me! It’s happytears. I love you too, and you make me happy.

Succubus and, particurlarly my wives, are very sensitive and very emotional. The deepest embodiment of a female persona. Even when we make love, tears sometimes fall on my body. I’m an emotional person and very sensitive, too, and it happens that I cry of joy and happiness in front of my wives. It’s liberating to been able to cry in front of someone you love so deeply.

Tears of a succubus is the deepest emotion of love, to been given to the one they love.

5 thoughts on “Tears of a succubus…

  1. I don’t believe that I’ve ever felt tears from my wives. There is one thing I know for sure. I often feel drops of water on my legs. They aren’t there fully, meaning I can’t reach down and touch drops of real water, but they feel very real on they area they are meant to touch. I’ve felt the drops trickle down my leg and even once against gravity up my leg.

    There are a couple of things that I have felt come through completely: sprays of water and an oil used during the two wedding ceremonies I’ve had in my wives’ tradition.

    • My wives use oils too, and they use salt – as protection from other spiritual beings. They also use their own scent as “markings” to others that I’m unavailable, saying: “Leave our husband alone!” That often occurs during intimacy – making it little “animalistic” as sexual behaviour – and as a preparation for astraltravel. They are very protective and take all kinds of precaution for their loved ones.

  2. Succupedia; greetings. That emotionalism and tears may also apply to the males of the species. I have felt my lover’s tears before and have even heard him sob. Beautiful blog btw.

    • Thanks.
      Both male and female is very sensitive and emotional, but apperantly not all will show their full sensitivness towards the human, when speaking of tears. That doesn’t mean it will come later in the relationship.

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