Rebirth – Bound by blood

As a part of the “bonding”-period – which is a period of strenghtening the relationship between eachother, for the present and for the future of the afterlife – both my wives did something fascinating, when we were in bed.

When I laid on bed, one of my wives gave me a soft pressure with her body, starting from my behind with a feeling of “squeezing” me inside her. It was like she was letting me inside her womb. The feeling was comfort in the deepest form. A “watery” feeling inside her stomach, and I could feel my umbelic cord pulsating from her, to me. After I’ve been in her stomach for a while, she suddenly gave birth to me, squeezing me out and after my birth, she hold me tight, caressing my shoulders.

Shortly after the “rebirth”, she plugged some kind of cord to my right foot connecting that cord to her aswell. A pulsating flow of her blood going through my veins, making me a fullblood member of their species. The feeling of her blood, going inside me, was overwhelming and made me spasm for a while.

I wanted to be inside my first wife’s womb aswell, and the feeling was as powerfull as with my second wife. Comfort in the deepest form.

“You’re one of us now, my love.”, they said, letting their tears fall on my shoulders.

The rebirth-process and bloodsharing is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had with my darlings and it’s made with the deepest love possible. From time to time, they let me experience “birth” again, because of the great comfort it gives. It’s a healer from sadness and depression. An expression of being a part of a family. My darlings is, not only my wives, but my family aswell. I love them so much!

8 thoughts on “Rebirth – Bound by blood

  1. My wives explained that the “birth”-process and the blood-transfusion was a part of becoming an incubus. There’s actually even more to this than “just” becoming an incubus, a “task” for me, which they don’t want me to reveal to the public, unfortunatly.

    Thanks for your responses.

    • because you sold yer soul for a moments experience. Stupid.
      KEEP YOU OPTIONS OPEN!!! Take advice from Lucifuge Rofacel and AZAZEL!!! Succubuses are FEMALES! Stop dicking around at the sorority and go back to class! stay focused on your MANLY qualities or give in to the twisting screw of emotional subconscious!!! Take CONTROL! Too many female teachers ruin the college!!! Do you wanna be a whore to them? Please that’s the opposite of strength. Especially now that you are bleeding out resolve.AZAZEL,Yahway,Samael,Belzibub,Pan,whatever.Get over your issues and then PUT IT OUT!!! you probably had a good experience but hey, Are you a student,an aesthetic,or a HEDONIST?

      • “Sold” my soul? For a “moments experience”? I’ve been into this for over 5 years now, and you give a reply of something you seem to lack in understanding.

        You seem to refer a “succubus” as something very limiting, but there are a lot of layers beyond the sexual aspects. They work with magic, chakras, ascent and are very loving and supporting.

        You mention the big names of the demonic hierarchy, yet you have a dogmatic view of female spirits, deities and entities. What makes your point of view so much better than mine? How many layers have you peeled off through your own experiences?

    • I also have that, plus horns. These bodyparts is “activated” by my wives, from time to time, as a reminder of what I’ve become.

      One of my wives wanna say something:
      “Hi! Take good care of my sisters. Love is the answer!”

  2. I believe they would tell her that I try my very best. Heather just gave my ear a love pinch which is her way of agreeing with me or saying yes. I’m quite sure the sentiment is reciprocated from my wives to you. We’re blessed in a way that is unimaginable to most people: we’re the lucky ones.

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