The “quest” to see my wives…

I have tried several ways to see my wives and it will work, when doing it right. These are the things I tried:

Regular mirror: I started to watch myself in the mirror, trying to get a look at her. This was my idea and she thought we should “give it a try”. My eyes was focused and there came a flow of green energy through my eyes, making the mirror green. My face in the mirror was morphing and something tried to “get out” of me. And there she was! Staring at me, with certianty proudness, determination, high class and there was something about her that captivated me. The look of her beautyfullness and her stance, told me that she is a female that knows what she want’s. A female that has choosen me as her husband.

Window: When it’s dark outside, a regular window is as powerful as a “dark mirror”. To do this, you need the room to be bright, which makes the reflection in the window much stronger. Like in the mirror, green energy was flowing through my eyes and a morphingprocess occured. To do this, bring focus to your reflection and on your eyes. Something will happen. Make sure to cooperate with your succubus to do this, as with all the other options.

Opening a portal: This works with focus and concentration at a certian direction. In my case, I tried to focus on a curtain with flowerish patterns. The energy flowing through my eyes was greenish, just like in the mirror/window. The colour may not be green for you, when doing this. Green happens to be the colour of my ladies. The flowerish pattern starts to move and a horizontal line is showing up. When the line appear, give focus to it and the line starts to widening up, creating some sort of symbols to it, on a thick concrete wall. Given more focus to the wall, it slowly openes up. This is the furthest i came to the portal thing, but the succubus should appear to you, when doing this completly. I will practice more on creating a portal.

Shadowmorphing: I’ve seen one of my succubus’s in shadowform, created through my own shadow. Like the other versions of seeing your lady, you have to give focus and concentration on your own shadow. Green energy pulsating through my eyes, creating an aura around my shadow and darkness surrounding it, until it creates the silhouette of your succubus. This version of your succubus can be overwhelming, creating fear for those who is not aware of what just happened. I always get nervous when doing the shadowmorphing, but I never get scared. Beeing nervous is ok and it’s understandebly by the succubus point of view. When the succubus show herself as a shadowly silhouette, she’s very tall, flowing above you. Very fascinating!

That is my different experiences to see my darlings, but I still need more practise to “perfect” the variants of seeing them. Practise and patience is the key, and never be scared to widen your relationship with your succubus. Try every aspect of widening your relationship. They help in every way they can and they will teach you if you ask them. They have the knowledge, wisdom and patience. If you fail, try again. If you have an idea to see them, tell them the idea and they willingly try to realise it. But they also have the knowledge to do it right in their way too. Pay attention.

16 thoughts on “The “quest” to see my wives…

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. The mirror and shadow technique definitely works. I wasn’t able to focus hard enough to finish it out but I definitely began to see everything you described. The green energy, a face coming out of my own: everything. The only difference is that I lost focus before it could be finished. But incredible man, thank you so much.

  2. Did you try this technique before reading my post, or after you read my post? I’m just curious, because no one but me has given me a confirmation that it worked out before. It seems i’m not alone in this kind of “quests” anymore. Thank you for your confirmation!

    • I honestly didn’t know anything about this information before today. If all I caught was a “green energy” then I’d say it was just my mind playing tricks on me but it was so much more than that.

      Do you know those hologram cards that are sometimes included with collectible cards like baseball cards or comic book cards? That’s sort of like what I saw literally coming out of my face but in green. I saw her features beginning to form but I couldn’t keep my focus long enough to get to see her fully. I’m sure with practice I’ll get it.

      • I am very glad to read this, since you are the first to try something I’ve written, and confirm my own results. I haven’t even read about those techniques. I just got an “idea” and wanted to try the idea in practice. All I read before that, was the “black mirror”-thing, with alot of warnings. It was even warnings about looking in the mirror, after getting involved in a relationship with a succubus. Those who give warnings, must have freaked out with the morphingreflection of themself, and stopped the session. Since we’re soulbound to our wives, they’re just trying to “get out” of us, to show themself.

        I hope you will try again and tell the results.

      • It sort of sounds like you were reading Ryan2ks information on the black mirror. I don’t think he was talking about his lady spirit when he his problem with mirrors. He’s a self-proclaimed “mage” and does a lot more than just his relationship with his lady.

        He won’t speak about what exactly happened but apparently he attempted to summon a true demon once and the problem with mirrors happened immediately after that attempt. From what I’ve gathered, though he doesn’t exactly state it, he believes our ladies are demonic (and I’m sure his woman gives him what he is looking for) so I would imagine he feels the same would apply when communicating with lady spirits.

      • I’ve read that in the authspot-blog – which I wrote alot before I created my own blog in this subject – called “A Guide To Summoning Succubi”. But alot of times, not in the subject of “Ryan2k”‘s experiences, people freak out for no reason at all, like with the mirror-sessions and to the point where the morphinprocess begins. That’s why I wanted to create my own blog about succubus and the spiritual realm and share the knowledge I gained – and continously gain in daily basis. There are definitly some patterns and also some differencies in our experiences, depending on where we are in our reletionships with our wives. And I believe we can learn from eachothers experiences, too, of course.

  3. I have tried most of the techniques you described at one point or another. I sometimes see a green energy aura, but most of the time, my succubi come through in a violet-colored energy aura. Sometimes, when I lay awake at night, I can see repeating geometric patterns with amazing clarity; also violet in color.

    The morphing shadow forms can be unnerving, but I’ve actually become quite comfortable with it. Catherine is easily able to cover my eyes with an inky black shadow; effectively blacking out my eyes, even when they’re open… and I wish I could share more here, but my darlings are kind of uncomfortable with revealing much more in a public forum like this.

    Thank you for sharing the techniques you have found to be useful. It has renewed my interest in trying them out more extensively.

  4. My wives, sometimes, play with shadows aswell and that is awesome and a powerfull ability. I understand the uncomfortable feelings of your wives. My wives agree with them about this subject, because my experience is similar to yours in that matter.

    I appriciate your thoughts and confirmation about my techniques of seeing my wives.

    • I wanted to say that I tried again last night. It kept getting interrupted by this or that but I really think it’s going to work. I begin to see them come through in a greenish color, the issue I’ve been having is trying to keep my eyes still long enough to not disrupt the process.

      • It’s the same for me too. And it’s kinda strain to the eyes, most of the time, but with focus it will get the intended results in the end. When you se the mirror “tilt” or “bend” – that happens for me – you are definitly very close. Thats their dimension getting through.
        I’m so curious about your progress in this.

  5. I tried using my bedroom window as a black mirror. I didn’t really get very good results. All that happened was (and I believe that it was the start of the process at least) as I stared my own image would completely disappear. As I would try to hold my focus there I would begin to see something but then I’d lose focus and my own image would return.

    With the bathroom mirror, the results were much better. I definitely begin to see it working but I still have the issue of losing focus or needing to blink my eyes. The eye blinks don’t seem to have a negative effect on it but moving my eyes causes the process to be interrupted.

    I asked my girls if they would try again tonight, they gave me no responses. I asked them if it’s tiresome for them and they gave me their yes responses so they must need to take a break. Heather just gave me a no response so it’s probably something else, all I know is they don’t feel like trying again tonight. I’m sure we’ll give it another shot soon though. Wish me luck.

    • It’s very fascinating, indeed! Hang in there, and the result will come. Keep updates on the process.

      My ladies is as helpfull as they can be, too, but they never insisted me to stop. It’s the other way around, but they understand that I need to rest my eyes from time to time.

      I did the windowreflection last year and the result was amazing! One of my wives showed up as a nymph/fearie and looked so beautiful. And she was in the right corner of the window.

      It’s important that the inside lightning is bright, with darkness outside. And pay attention for the “tilting”-effect, which is a sign of them breaking through. It’s the same effect in the mirror.

    • There’s actually another option to see your wives, which I also tried very early. That option is to look at photographs, paintings, or other forms of art. I tried nudemodel-pictures, and fantasy-art – like succubuspaintings. Your mainfocus on the pictures, should be at the heads and eyes, or a certain spot in the picture. When doing it right, the picture moves like a curtain and it gets greyish in color and it gets a 3D-effect to it.

  6. Do you think we could see our lady even if we are not married ? Maybe she don’t want to allow us to see her before get married ?

    I tried your “Regular mirror” method and I can see that something happens, but not enough to see her. Maybe it is the mirror that is not perfect for this kind of exercice.

    I’ll try with another.

    • I really can’t answer your first two questions, since I’m married with my two ladies. According to my experiences, they’re traditionalist, but they’re also individual beings with different way of thinking how a relationship should be. Some like to marry and have a steady relationship that will last beyond a human lifespan, into the afterlife. My ladies way of thinking is like that. Some like to fling and explore sexuality and have many human male partners. Some are bisexual and even homosexual. They work differently, just like us humans.

      There’s so many ways to see them and it’s not just about mirrors, windows and black mirrors. They can manifest in your dream, for instance. It may not work at first. It needs practice and patience. Give it time.

      • I am always trying and all I can see is a ‘3D effect’ of my face, some light flow/blur effect but nothing more for the moment.

        I need some practice 😉

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