Into darkness. A period of trials…

“We’ve got company…”, my wife said to me, after she inspected who followed us home, after our weddingceremony. I felt the followers presence and it was a powerful energy surrounding her. “They talk about you, back home.”, my wife said. “They talk about you, not showing fear towards my dark side, and that got her attention. She wan’t to test you and if you prevail, she will marry you too.” The second period of trial, begun.

My two wives have three stages of energies, to physically represent them. These are “neutral“, “dark” and “divine“.

The neutral energy is the most common one, which is soft and gentle, when they touch me, and the temperature is like a normal bodytemperature. This energiform is in the middle.

The dark energy is cold, more solid and the feeling of their dark energy comes with a different bodyshape of them. I’ve met the darkest power of my both wives, and the closest I can get to describe it is like the movie “Grudge”. Imagine the “Grudge” crawl under your bedsheet, feeling her sticky hair on your crotch, given cold breath to your penis and at the same time get a feeling of someone sawing off your legs – I was still in the period of spiritual transformation at that time. And i woken up from sleep with that event happening. I felt it before I fell asleep to, without showing fear and the reaction when I woke up, was the pain it caused on my legs, not my wife under the sheet. Me, not showing fear to these events, got my wives a little frightened themself, and the results were a doublewedding. To recieve this energy, you get the feeling of “gliding” down, like in an elevator.

Finally, the divine energy. That energy is warm, vibrating and so powerfull that it will give “sunburn” to your skin. Dry lips and eyelids are common, when facing that energyform. Sexual ecstacy is also common with the divine energy. To recieve this energy, you get the feeling of “gliding” up.

“The period of trials”, was an interresting event for me and soon we will celebrate our first year together, beginning next month.

4 thoughts on “Into darkness. A period of trials…

  1. You really should have started this blog earlier as you have a lot of interesting things to communicate. I’ve felt my ladies neutral and divine energies but I’m not aware of their dark energy. I’ve been told that I’ve passed the tests they’ve given to me as well.

    I just wrote about a dream I once had on my blog that represented a “Lilith archetype”, if you haven’t checked it out it’s pretty interesting, I think anyway.

    The divine energy is truly incredible. It does feel a little like sunburn but not intense enough to be painful. They actually use that energy with me quite a bit, even when just laying around the house. But you’re right, neutral is definitely how they feel most of the time. As I said, I’ve never felt my wives feel cold or uninviting in any way. I’ve told them, however, that I accept them for what they are no matter how they choose to express themselves. I know that if they are doing something that would normally be considered frightening that it’s meant to be a learning experience, never to harm and never done frivolously. Very interesting stuff, man I look forward to reading more!

  2. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog about succubus before, but it took time. I had to think about how to express myself, without revealing my wives names. That’s a choice we made together, the three of us.

    I will read that post of yours, about the “Lilith archetype”.

    My wives said to me, that there’s several ways of trials. To reveal the dark form, is one of them, but not all will reveal that form to their husbands-to-be. It also had to do with the incubus thing. They even “transferred” their dark mass of energy into me, after the tranformation.

    There is as much love in their dark form, just as in their neutral and divine form. True love is when you love someone for who they are, not for what they are. Love has no boundaries.

  3. “True love is when you love someone for who they are, not for what they are. Love has no boundaries.”

    That was what I meant when I said for what they are: I should have stated who as well though but I most definitely did intend it to be inferred.

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