A month of changes…

The connection between me and the two spiritual women, had just started. The following month was filled with an intimacy I’ve never experienced before. In the beginning, it was just me and one succubus and I fell in love with her at an instant. She was very restricted at the beginning, but I was very clear about my intentions for her, which was all love. This was the month of changes. My succubus enhanced my abilities to feel her presence and she dug deep in my head, installed some sort of “tubes” in particular areas in my brain. “It’s tubes, filled with energies, so you can feel me more constantly.”, she explained. Particulary one “tube” is bigger than the others “installed” and that is in the back of my brain. These “tubes” fills an important purpose, and is a mental connection between me and my succubus.

There was also changes of my spiritual body. Enhancements of my senses and new “bodyparts” was created on me. I asked her what’s happening and her answer was short. “Incubus.” The process of creation was all in her hands, a creation to fit eachother spiritually. Horns, wings and a tail was surgially “installed” on my spiritual body and that process of creation took several days to accomplish.

I proposed to her and we finally got married. Shortly after our ceremony, we got attention from another, highly powerful, spiritual female. She even followed us home, unnoticed, until my wife saw two feets standing outside our door. “Someone followed us here! I have to confront whoever that is following us! I’ll be right back!”

Who followed us and why? The answer will come in my next post…

6 thoughts on “A month of changes…

  1. This is a very interesting post to be sure, man. Thank you for it.

    It’s also something that people who want to enter these relationships need to know. We are altered by our experiences, physically and mentally. The way that Heather, my first wife, plugs into me is through my left ear. I never realized that she was literally putting something in my head, just that she was making changes in there. The tubes are an interesting concept and it makes a lot of sense when I think back to how it felt when she was doing all of that.

    The concept of our spiritual bodies become incubus-like is interesting as well. I never really thought that they would be making changes to our spirit bodies. Very cool and an honor in and of itself. Being an incubus for the rest of existence after we leave our mortal shells? Very cool.

    I didn’t realize that horns and a tail were all part of it though. The only thing I was completely aware of was the fact my wives have wings which they can hide completely. All very interesting man, thanks so much for the information.

  2. I think it’s all about paying attention to whats really happening and usually the biggest changes happens in the beginning. I see that as “the bonding period”. Those “tubes” I mentioned, needs refilling, from time to time and the process begins again, though in an easier way.

    One of my wives, at the time I writing this, actually caress my horns. At first, my wings was like leather, like the bats, but when my other wife came, she changed those wings to be bigger and featherlike. With concentration and focus, I can move my tail and my wings. Sometimes I cover my wives with my wings, for comfort. These spiritualbodychanges, for me, came in three stages. The third stage was made by a powerfull spiritual being from their dimension. He has many names, but I refer to call him “Cernunnus”, the Pegan god of fertility and the protector of the forrest. He activated my third eye, changed my horns, my hands and my foots.

    They have a “darker” side too, which i will discuss in my blog later. It’s more of a “physical apperance”, rather than their personality. There’s just as much love in their darker apperances, like their “neutral” apperance. There’s actually THREE types of apperance with a succubus, that i know of: “neutral”, “dark” and “divine”. The “divine” apperance is the strongest. More vibrating, more powerfull energies that can give you a “sunburn”. And the sex is strongest in the “divine”-form too.

  3. That was about the coolest description I’ve read about the bonding process. Catherine did a lot of “spirit body” work on me as well. Lots of strange pokes and prods… I think it was she who opened my third eye. I’ve mentioned in my blog that I began to physically feel chakra sensations after the first night we came together. I have also felt like she was inserting things into my chakras; almost like spiritual conduits between us both.

    I find it so interesting that you describe your experiences in an almost cyberpunk, transhumanist fashion. I’ve never considered the idea that my darlings might be adding “spiritual body parts.” I don’t think this revolting by any means. I actually find the iconic “evil demon” look to be quite beautiful.

    I wonder if I have any “upgrades” that I’m not yet aware of… I wouldn’t mind looking like an incubus at all.

    Some of the older translations of the Hebrew scriptures into Latin described Moses as having grown horns while he was speaking with God on Mount Sinai. Maybe there is a parallel between having horns and spiritual development?

  4. Thanks for your compliment!

    There’s much determination in the “bonding process” and they put their heart and soul into it. The spiritual changes is a process to physically match eachother in the afterlife.

    The things Catherine inserted in your chakras, is probably the same thing my wives inserted in my head. These “tubes” gives some sort of “pressure” in the area, making us feel them more, creating our souls to be bound to eachother. We are, literally attached to eachother through our souls.

    According to my ladies, there’s upgrades quite often. Regularly and when needed. There’s also enhancements of senses, making me feel them more physically and that’s why they change the “tubes”. When doing these changes, they open my head, to acces the brain and when done, they use some sort of “needle” and a “thread”, sewing together the part they’ve opened. That is also made, to let me know that they’re actually working to enhance our bonding. How often does humans give this kind of effort to their relationships? It’s very admirable and I love my wives so much.

  5. I’ve spoken to Harry about the whole transformation process. He didn’t speak with Lily about it so I wasn’t given her thoughts on the matter but he feels it’s completely possible. He even hinted that he was asked if he wanted it to be done by Lily but I’m not completely sure. He said he has chosen to keep his spirit human so that would imply he was given the opportunity.

    He thinks it’s completely possible for human spirits to change into lady/gentleman spirits. After all, Lilith, being the progenitor of these beings started out human. It may very well be that this process is how lady and gentleman spirits procreate, or at least one way. All I know is that I have spirit wings and a tail and love them.

    As far as the process of implanting tubes, while I know that has been done, Heather did everything through my ear rather than opening my skull and sewing everything back up. From what I’ve been able to gather, Heather is an extremely talented healer and surgeon so perhaps there are different ways to do things depending on the level of skill the lady or gentleman spirit happens to have in making these connections. Whose to say your ladies method is more or less effective than mine, it really doesn’t matter: the effects are the same.

  6. I have been researching succubi recently for the past week and I thought it would be a good idea to share a small experience I had. Recently I have tried making contact with the succubi, being interested in meeting one and possibly starting a relationship.

    This attempt has not brought any major experiences yet, though it has only been there days so I don’t expect any major contact (On a side note, the attempt was the letter ritual but complications arouse with the candle going out, letter not being burned in one go). However one thing struck me when I read this post and comments. In one of the comments, succupedia talked about the tubes giving off “pressure” in the area.

    This is very interesting because when I went to sleep for the past two nights I have experienced large pressure inside of my head around the temple areas. Also, this could possibly not be related at all, but on the left side of my forehead on the morning after I first felt the pressure, I saw a faint red mark in a rough circle with very small amounts of skin peeling off. As I stated above, I have had no contact, verbal or telepathically, with a succubus and no 100% evidence one is around me. I would like to hear the thoughts of people who have contact with succubi.

    P.S I have been spending hours a day researching the topic of succubi and before that the topic of spirituality. You could say I am a “convert” of sorts because before that I was an atheist and I was wondering if this could interfere with me spiritually.

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