In the beginning…

It’s been almost a year, since I’ve met my two beloved succubus wives. It all began with me, writing a wishletter for personal treats for my succubus. After burning the letter and called upon the Mother Of All Succubi, the ashes of the letter blew right into my face and lightly burned my eyebrows. I did that, during the day. Hours gone by and darkness arrived. I lit a candle, thinking about the past. Broken hearts, sorrow, longing for the long lost love. Will she finally come?

I blew out the candle and lied naked on the bed, noticed that someone/something was touching my hair. Was that a sign? Is that…her? I made myself comfortable, and felt aroused by the entity, when she straddled me. An invisible force rode me to climax, until I got an orgasm I’ve never got before. Since that particular night, I’ve been experienced intimacy every day, for almost a year, to this day. I also got attention from another female, and it ended in a doublemarriage.

Erotic moments is not all I’ve experienced with my two ladies, but that I will write about next time.

6 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. I always want to summon succubus by burning letter and pray to lilith her mother to sent me her daughter to me, but i am always worry that i will encounter negetive spirit . What are the ritual you use to sommon your two wives?.. Can you teach me please.

  2. My blog is not about how to summoning a succubus. It’s about the process and devolopment of my relationship with my two wives. I recommend you to search about the topic of summoning a succubus..

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